TED Talks HQ

TED Talks Headquarters

As long-time fans of TED Talks, Greenery NYC was thrilled to receive a commission to install a wide array of plants within their new TriBeCa headquarters. Working closely with the facilitates and design team, we created several areas of dense foliage that have a huge impact on the office decor and well-being.

The entrance to TED was a primary focus to our design. When first emerging from the elevators, employees are greeted with a dense and textured plant display. When first moving into this office space, many TED employees complained of vertigo from this 11th story view to the ground below due to the floor to ceiling windows. We designed custom planters to help fill lower quadrant of the windows, which immediately transformed the area into a welcoming rather than disorienting experience.

With over 25 linear feet of plant design leading to both the office area and the speaker space, the entrance corridors are a lush and invigorating entrance to TED Talks HQ.

Many desks were outfitted with individual built in planters which we filled with a variety of low maintenance sanseveria, but the focus of the project was on areas of gathering, including the entrances to the office, cafeteria areas, and meeting rooms. Our goal was to create a low-maintenance, maximum impact installation that featured many different colors and textures of plants.

TED selected desks with built-in planters, so that employees would always be close to plant-life. We filled these with low maintenance sansevieria which are particularly adept at air purification, and contain a small enough root mass to fit into shallow containers.

Wall mounted shelf planters help lift greenery off the ground, ensuring its visibility from any angle. There are some tight corners at the TED office, so we were challenged to bring in plants without sacrificing floor space. We installed wall-mounted shelf planters, which make this space feel lush and inviting without taking away precious floor space.

Color and texture were extremely important to the TED design team. We worked closely with them to create diverse clusters of plants that seamlessly blend in with the Moroccan theme of the office.

Sometimes it’s the small details that really make a space. TED is filled with individual work areas where we placed small accent plantings in handcrafted containers.

Vine Cascade

One of the primary areas of meeting and gathering at TED is their cafeteria space. They often hold meetings and workshops in that space as well, so it was important that we not take up floor space. We installed a line of cascading plants to help separate the kitchenette from the cafe, and over time these vines will grow to create a lunch visual curtain between the two spaces.

Green Dividers

There are several small meeting areas within the office placed back to back, and we were challenged to create a visual barrier between them. As in many New York City offices, the TED space has an open floor plan. To help divide space and create more private meeting and working areas, we installed our Self Watering Green Dividers. These units are custom made by Greenery NYC and come fully irrigated with the goal of reducing maintenance time and operational costs.

We matched the wood tones and white finishes of the office to create individualized meeting areas with colorful and lush backdrops. These vertical growing systems have a huge visual impact with a minimal footprint.