Etsy HQ

Etsy Global Headquarters

This 50 ft living wall surround the “Etsytorium,” Etsy’s speaker space, and is the most public view of Etsy’s headquarters in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It contains almost 20 different species of plants.

In 2016 Etsy commissioned Greenery NYC for our most challenging project yet: to design, install and maintain 9 floors of completely original office plant displays. Working closely with Gensler and the Etsy team Greenery NYC developed a rain water harvesting system and irrigation system used to water the over 11,000 plants installed within the office space.

Perhaps most challenging of all, Greenery NYC adhered to the criteria of The Living Building Challenge™, a progressive building certification program, advocacy tool, and philosophy that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment possible today. Included in the pieces installed for Etsy are three new low-maintenance growing systems developed by Greenery NYC: our Green Divider, Column Planters, and Live Edge planters. In addition to these new products, we installed five large-scale living walls as well as 50 custom-made wooden planter boxes, all made from reclaimed lumber.

Making Headlines

Upon completion, Etsy’s new headquarters were named one of “The Worlds Coolest Offices” by Inc. magazine as well as receiving numerous press accolades from publications like Huff Po, Business Insider, and more.

Green Walls

On the 3rd and 4th floors, Greenery NYC installed living walls that are watered by a custom designed recirculating systems fed by a 7,300 gallon rain barrel which harvests storm water run off. The green walls were built using 100% reclaimed materials, including part of the growing media from Etsy’s old office space.

The custom wood frames are made from re-claimed wood, all within 100 miles of NYC.

Column Planters

Floor space is at a premium at Etsy’s maker space as hundreds of designers and makers congregate there daily for classes and events. The Etsy team asked Greenery NYC to custom design vertical planters that would incorporate green into the space, while being easy to maintain.

The Column Planters feature varieties of ivy growing from both the top and bottom, and are watered from a central water chamber that is refilled once a month. As they are attached to a structural element of the building, we custom designed a tension mounted clamp rather than drilling directly into the support beams.

Cascading ivy, here freshly planted, will eventually grow to cover the columns completely. Greenery NYC selected varieties of ivy that grow throughout Brooklyn as an homage to the borrough.

Plant Islands

Inspired by benches at the entrance of Etsy’s old headquarters, Greenery NYC collaborated with In.sek Design to build sixty custom planters based on their original benches. Each planter features a mixed planting and sub-irrigated vessels, ensuring plant health in an often dry office environment.

2 of 60 plant islands, placed throughout the office to ensure that every employee has a view of plant life.

Image by Sarah Jacobs via Business Insider

Image by Sarah Jacobs via Business Insider

Green Dividers

In Etsy’s open air office, dividing space was essential. Early in the design process, Etsy asked Greenery NYC to design a vertical growing system that could also function as a room divider. Our “Green Dividers“, as they came to be known, took it a step further by incorporating an automatic irrigation system.

Tanks placed at the top of the units and filled harvested rainwater use gravity to water the individual plants below. We design a custom watering system, with the goal of allowing these units to go a month without human intervention. They are planted with a diverse array of plants and a custom potting mix, specific to the environmental conditions required by the plant collection of each box.

The 9th Floor Library is intended to be a quiet place for Etsy employees to both work and relax. It features our largest divider at over 21 feet.

An eclectic and beautiful mix of plant material make this one of the most highly trafficked rooms in Etsy’s Headquarters.

Green Dividers seperate lounge space from work areas.

The lounge side of the Green Divider.

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