Nothing transforms office spaces quite like nature

Plants inspire creativity, reduce stress, and foster collaboration. Greenery NYC are experts in procuring, installing and caring for office plants. From conference room accents to large-scale living walls, Greenery NYC can help make work spaces healthier, happier and more productive places.

What we do

Office Plant Design


We work with our clients to bring their botanic visions to life. Our talented team of professional designers are happy to provide a free assessment of your needs, style, and site conditions to help select the right plants and planters to thrive and elevate your environment.



Our fabrication and build teams take pride in delivering installations that are not only visually stunning but also horticulturally sound. Every detail is meticulously planned and executed ensuring the longevity and continued beauty of your plants. In a notoriously challenging city, we make it look easy.

Plant maintenance in NYC


Offering weekly and bi-weekly plant care packages, we keep your plants in prime condition, ensuring they always look their best. Our extensively trained horticulturalists make regularly scheduled visits to your space at your convenience. We leave your space lush and pristine after each attentive visit.


With expertise in engineering, architecture, design, and horticulture, we excel in sustaining plant life in almost any space. Our pioneering approach meets at the nexus of life and technology, setting us apart from the competition. Decades of trial and error, learning and growing, and above all a dedication to excellence has allowed us to become the industry leader in creating ecosystems that breathe life into the built environment.



Why we do it

We design our living installations with a vision toward healthier, more productive and beautiful spaces for people to inhabit. We are a mission-driven company with build experience, exceptional creativity, and the best technical know-how in our field. Greenery NYC has been commissioned by many of the world’s largest and most innovative companies to consult on environmental and botanic design. We are passionate about integrating life into architecture and creating spaces where all life can thrive.



Get in touch!

We take a holistic approach to creating an interior plant plan that suits your space and budget. Our process begins with a free phone consultation in which we speak with stake holders to discuss design ideas and concerns.

From there we can create a proposal based on items available on our online shop, or we can provide a proposal that includes dedicated time with our botanic design team to source site specific items.

We are happy to work with all budget levels. Depending on the scope of your project a site visit may or may not be needed.

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