Interior Plant Maintenance

Plant maintenance in NYC

We offer weekly interior plant care visits to ensure the long-term health of your plants. Our trained horticulturist will make regularly scheduled visits to your space when it is convenient for you and your guests. We bring all of our own tools and materials with us and leave your space verdant and clean after each visit.

Our maintenance plans include:

  • Watering. Our technician will check irrigation and grow systems to perform any needed maintenance or adjustments.
    Pruning, cleaning, and individualized plant care.
  • Fertilization. We will regularly feed the plants and will consult with you on organic vs. chemical fertilizers.
  • Disease and pest management. Our team will detect any signs of disease or pests, and present you with options for treatment.
  • Design. We will work with our clients as their space grows to ensure their plants grow with them.
  • Plant Warranty. While under our care any plant purchased from and installed by Greenery NYC is fully warrantied, and replacements are free.


The Greenery Way

Our staff is highly trained in the difficulties of keeping plants flourishing in difficult environments. We're not just sending someone around with a watering can once a week. We invest in our team members through continuing education, testing, workplace check-ins, and constant communication. Team members are versed in the intricacies of horticulture, pest management, automation and indoor lighting, and while this may seem like overkill to other companies, we can confidently attest that the results speak for themselves.

  • Smart Design - By matching plants with the conditions they need to thrive, we minimize the need for replacements.
  • Automation - Integrating proprietary irrigation systems and custom lighting increases plant health while decreasing operational costs.
  • Weekly Visits - Increased frequency allows us to get ahead of issues, and tend to a wider variety of plant life.
  • Direct Potting - We plant roots into soil, as nature intended. This allows your plants to grow more vigorously, take in fresh nutrients - and become larger and more valuable over time.
  • Plant Warranty - All plants provided by Greenery NYC are warrantied for the duration of our care.
  • Top Horticulturalists - Our rigorous hiring and training standards ensure only the best horticultural care for our clients. Our team is a group of plant passionate, career-driven people striving for excellence in all they do.
Plant maintenance service NYC

Meet the Team

Our team is a group of committed and immensely talented horticulturists who are dedicated to enhancing the beauty and wellness of your spaces. With their expert care and attention, your plants not only receive the essential hydration they require but also enjoy a holistic maintenance regimen. This holistic approach results in the creation of vibrant and flourishing greenery that enriches the aesthetics of your facilities and contributes to a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for customers and visitors.

Check out our horticulture team's write-up in the New York Times!



Hannah brings a lifelong passion for plant-life and education to her work for Greenery NYC. Her degree in education armed with her customer service background drives her to create long standing, successful client relationships and her eye for efficiency ensures the long-term health of plant life while also reducing operational costs for our clients.



Kenny is a graduate from The Ohio State University with a BSA in Ornamental Horticulture. He has over 12 years of professional experience working with tropical plants and flowers. Outside of work you can find Kenny doing leaf pressings, playing video games and tending to his personal plant collection of over 400 plants.



Cindy has been gardening professionally since 2014. She received a certificate in Horticulture for Sustainable Design from the New York Botanical Garden and studied Naturalistic Planting Design with Elliot Forsyth and Noel Kingsbury at Cambo Estate in Scotland. She also studied Biodynamic Agriculture at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY. A passionate horticulturist of both interior and exterior gardens, Cindy joined the Greenery team in 2021. When she’s not gardening, Cindy plays bass and sings in an international 1970’s inspired hard rock band.



Jessica has worked with an array of plants in different geographical locations, from her mother’s fruit trees in Southern, CA to biodynamic farming in the Hudson Valley. Jessica came to Greenery NYC in 2020 with limited interior horticulture knowledge and now holds a position as the Brooklyn Site Manager. Jessica is a Brooklyn based visual artist primarily working in fiber/textile arts and printmaking.



Alyssa has worked with plants for more than four years. Starting out in retail and moving into the horticulture position. Now as a site lead she works to help the spaces we care for thrive and focus on how they can continue to grow in the design. Alyssa has a background in art history and loves reading and picnicking at the lovely New York City parks.



Conor has a BS in Biological Sciences and began his horticultural career 6 years ago in Washington DC. His interest in plant life started much earlier on, while helping in the gardens with his father who is a landscaper. When Conor is not tending to his own plants, he can be found on a bike or on foot walking around Brooklyn.



Emily has a BFA in Painting and a Horticulture Certification. Her artistic eye makes her a great horticulturist; she always knows how to make plants look their best. Emily is interested in plants native to the northeast, and in her free time can be found rock climbing or tending to her own garden in Ridgewood.



With a passion for all things plants and a background in large-scale installations, Felip loves to bring the jungles indoors. Specializing in rare tropicals from SE Asia and Latin America, Felip has converted his Brooklyn apartment into a jungle oasis. In his spare time, Felip enjoys traveling to places to see where his plants grow, cuddle puddles with his dog and 2 cats, and catching up on the latest episode of Housewives. So if you see him out in the wild, talk planty to him!



Having always had an innate curiosity & connection to the earth, Hallie has grown up surrounded by plants. Beginning their professional horticultural career in 2020, Hallie currently runs the care & management for the comprehensive plant inventory at Greenery NYC's studio location. Having a particular interest in cacti & arid plants, their dream is to eventually find home in the desert.



Jazmin came to Greenery with over two years of experience working in the plant retail environment along side with the knowledge she gained from tending to her own garden which houses about 75+ plants. She grew up in the Caribbean where growing lush foliage is very common amongst the natives due to the amazing weather. In her off time she enjoys playing video games, spending time with her two cats and cooking amazing meals.



Johnny was born and raised in NYC. He started gardening as a child in Mexico helping his grandparents care for their citrus trees, cacti and other tropicals. Despite not enjoying it this is where his love for gardening started. Johnny is also a dancer studying various styles and is currently working on his arid collection.



Jordan spent years in the urban and nonurban agriculture world, farming rooftops in Brooklyn and cornfields in Kentucky.
You can find him on a citibike, playing the mandolin, singing in an activist choir, and picking juneberries on the streets of Queens.



Originally from Los Angeles, Jose came to Greenery with 8 years of horticultural experience and a background in architecture. He specializes in building bioactive terrariums and has a particular fondness for temperate rainforests. When he’s not caring for plants Jose enjoys crossword puzzles, chess, and piano.



Maria came to us from a plant research lab in upstate New York focusing on aphids and agriculture. She can be found mainly working in the Greenery NYC studio in Greenpoint caring and organizing plants before they are sent to our various sites.
In her free time, she's either competitively playing video games with her partner or caring for her small collection of pink plants.



Nick has been interested in plant care since he was 12 years old and bought a venus flytrap from a garden center. His favorite part of working with Greenery NYC is working on large living walls, but recently he’s become very interested in collecting and maintaining plants native to New York. In his free time he can be found sitting in a park listening to Taylor Swift.



For several years Tom has embraced the process of experimentation to further his understanding of a variety of interior plants. Working with Greenery provides him an outlet for his nurturing energy, and puts his meticulous nature to good use. He is drawn to plants that look somewhat extraterrestrial. Tom keeps busy with photography, rockhounding, and bike rides throughout NYC.



Sean came to Greenery after over 5 years as a foreman at a landscape design company around the Jersey Shore area. After 7 years in residential/commercial new construction plumbing, Sean decided to go back to school. While working full time he was able to complete a full time student schedule at Brookdale Community College and later Rutgers university. Between semesters he accomplished the New Jersey core spraying, 3A, and 3b applicators certifications



Valery is a UC Berkeley graduate who studied Ecology and Marine Science. She began her career in horticulture by working at a retail plant shop and from there she has moved to become a horticulturist for Greenery for over a year. She is an aspiring landscape designer currently working towards her certificate at NYBG. She enjoys rock climbing, reading, and enjoying the local public parks.


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