Frequently Asked Questions


succulent_203Desert terrariums feature drought tolerant cacti and succulents and thrive in sunny, dry areas. They thrive on windowsills and in bright rooms. They require water every 2 – 3 weeks. Learn More about desert terrarium care.
IMG_0500_203Woodland terrariums feature ferns and moss and thrive on moisture and filtered or indirect light. They are the best choice for a low-light location and require water every 1 – 2 weeks. Learn More about woodland terrarium care.
Orchid terrariums prefer indirect light and very little water. The flower will last up to a month after delivery. After the flower is spent, you can prune your orchid to encourage more flowers. Learn More about orchid terrarium care.
carniv_terrariumCarnivorous terrariums survive primarily on insect prey, but need to be kept moist and put in bright light to thrive. They require water once a week and thrive in a sun-filed kitchen with the occiasinal fruit fly problem. Learn More about carnivorous terrarium care.
airplant_terrariumAir Plant terrariums prefer indirect light and like to be misted weekly. They are the easiest terrarium to care for. Learn More about air plant terrarium care.