6″ Sansevieria Fernwood

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Light Requirements

This plant is considered Low Light, and can survive in areas most other plants would not be able to. However, low light does not mean NO light. Make sure the location you’re putting this plant in has either a window or receives at least 8 hours a day of bright fluorescent light. Like all plants, Low Light Plants require light to photosynthesize so for best results place this plant in bright, indirect light.

The surest way to see if your space receives the light required for an indoor plant is to take a light meter reading. Please see our Lighting Guide for instructions.

30 Day Plant Guarantee

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✓ Nationwide shipping
✓ Includes Alocasia Frydek: medium light spaces
✓ 30 Day Plant Guarantee
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Plant Details

A hybrid variety of Sansevieria with thin emerald stalks, the Sansevieria Fernwood is a delicately tendrilled plant with a tough attitude. Like most varieties of Sansevieria, the Fernwood is almost indestructible as long as it’s not overwatered, and its unique architectural shape is sure to make a sharp impression on shelves and windowsills everywhere.

Pot Details

Have a container picked out already? This option is for the bare plant in a 6" nursery grow pot, direct from source.