Peanut Butter & Company

When Peanut Butter & Co decided to move their NYC headquarters to midtown Manhattan, they enlisted Greenery NYC to help design a space that would foster employee wellness through beautiful plant displays as well as an edible living wall that could be used in their in-office kitchen. The first floor of the office features abundant plants that enclose a “town hall” and library space used for employee congregation as well as meetings. With a mix of 10-foot tall trees and colorful tropicals, the space is enlivened through plants and the centerpiece to the work floor space. On the second floor, Greenery NYC installed a living herb wall which grows a rotating crop of seasonal herbs and veggies including basil, mint, peppers, strawberries, and leafy greens.

As with many Manhattan office spaces, the natural light is very limited to just one row of north-facing windows. To ensure healthy plant growth and make a brighter, more enjoyable space Greenery NYC installed state-of-the-art LED grow lights. These low profile lights mimic natural sunlight and add a relaxing and enjoyable hue to the central meeting area of the office

Dense plant clusters add vibrancy but also help separate different areas of the office. It was important to this office design to prevent employees from walking beneath the stairs where they could potentially bump their heads, so Greenery placed a variety of low-light tolerant foliage plants to prevent passage and also create a lush back drop for the future lounge space that will be built opposite the stairs..

Peanut Butter & Company is all about food, and from our initial concept meetings with the client it was clear they wanted a way to grow and display fresh food and herbs in the office. With a test kitchen on site that also provides employee meals, the clients wanted the ability to incorporate fresh food into the meals prepared on site and also to use as they test new recipies. The living edible wall provides fresh greens and herbs while also making a beautiful accent to the employee cafeteria space. Employees are encouraged to cut herbs, peppers, strawberries and other seasonal foods to enjoy.

The Chef’s Wall is the focal point of the office cafeteria where employees congregate to eat and enjoy breaks. The wall includes grow lights and a fully automated watering system.

Edibles are changed out seasonally and replaced as they are used in employee meals. Hot peppers, three basil varieties, mint, parsley, and a variety of salad greens kicked off the autumn installation.