Natal Mahogany Care

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Natal Mahogany Care Guide

Native to southern Africa, the Trichilia dregeana or Forest Natal-Mahogany, prefers high levels of moisture. Steady and constant moisture is preferred, making the self-watering planter an ideal container for a small mahogany tree.


Natal mahoganies are one of the most low-light tolerant large indoor plants. While they will definitely appreciate bright, indirect light, our team has found that they are an excellent choice for lower light spaces where you may want a bit of height.

Mahoganies do not like to dry out, so make sure you give your plant a good watering right after placement. The root ball should be thoroughly moist, but not so wet it becomes muddy, after the initial watering.

Routine Maintenance: Each compound leaf has pairs of 3-5 leaflets with a terminal leaflet at the end. These large, glossy leaves create dense shade in the plant’s native habitat and provide beautiful color and texture in your indoor space. As moisture loving plants, these leaves may brown slightly in dry environments. You can prevent dry, brittle leaves by watering regularly, placing the plant near a humidifier, or periodically misting the foliage. As with any indoor tropical plant, it is a good idea to occasionally dust the leaves by gently wiping the leaves and trunk down with a damp cloth. This also can help to inhibit any potential pests.

Forest natal-mahogany trees as indoor plants can be susceptible to mealy bug and scale infestations, especially during the changing of the seasons. Keeping your plant healthy with proper watering and wiping down the leaflets will assist in preventing any pest outbreaks and is the best way to treat an active infestation.

Self Watering Container Instructions

The self-watering planters require a good, solid drenching of the topsoil after they are first placed. This is important, because the roots of the plants need to grow into the reservoir in order to drink from it. Water once a week until the topsoil is moist. TEST: After two weeks, fill the reservoir up half-way, and keep an eye on the indicator. If the indicator goes down, it means the plant is ready for reservoir servicing. If not, be sure to water weekly until it does.

RESERVOIR SERVICING: Once the indicator goes down, do not refill the reservoir right away. Similar to how humans need a breath of air between gulps of water, almost all plants require a drying out period. Think of how plants absorb water in nature: it doesn’t rain every day, and the soil around plants isn’t constantly moist. Instead, there are periods of moisture and drought. Natal Mahoganies typically appreciate the extra water, so once the reservoir is empty, wait 2-3 days before you refill.