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Plant Details

Haworthia is a large family of succulents native to Southern Africa. Because of its low-maintenance needs, it is the perfect plant for the office or for those with a busy schedule. 

Haworthias enjoy bright indirect light, but can be sensitive to burning if placed in direct light for too long. Although they will do well in low light conditions, bright indirect light will help them thrive and even flower! During their flowering stage, haworthias shoot a long stem from the center with small white flowers. Its watering needs are minimal, and the soil should be allowed to dry completely between waterings. Scarce watering is always best because haworthias are highly susceptible to overwatering which can cause root rot.  


Container Details

Crafted by WAPA Studio in Israel, each elegant little bowl feature unique color stripes and a matte white finish. Each planter is slip cast in a custom mold using Limoges porcelain.


  • 2 3/8″ tall x 3 1/8″ in diameter. The opening is around 2.2″.

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