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Mini Cactus



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Plant Details

Plant Details

Like all cactii, Prickly Pears (Oputnia spp.) are native to the New World, and are typically found in the deserts of the American South-West and Mexico. Completely non-poisonous, they are actually edible if the skin and the spine is removed. We don't recommend eating them.

Prickly Pears require high levels of light, so make sure to put them in an area with lots of sun exposure. They are sensitive to overwatering, and should never be sitting in soggy or standing water.

Plant Details

Ball Cacti (Parodia spp.) are easy to grow, non-demanding and spectacularly interesting to look at, making it a perfect collectable for the plant hobbyist. Their morphology varies greatly between the different varieties, exhibiting hues of red, purple, and green, with fuzzy any spiky textures.

Container Details

Hand crafted cube planters by ceramicist Elizabeth Benotti. Each planter is cast from a home made plaster mold, with the herringbone pattern carved out and inlaid with a black underglaze. The sleek and understated design has a vast application and complements almost any space. Because each piece is unique there will be a slight variation from the photo.


  • Small: 2″ length x 2″ width x 2″ height

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