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Pink Quill Bromeliad


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Plant Details

The Pink Quill Bromeliad Tillandsia cyanea is a type of air plant that grows epiphytically in the forests of Ecuador. Its vibrant pink flower will last up to three month, and will need bright indirect light to maintain its color. This variety of bromeliad flowers only once in its lifetime.

When growing indoors Bromeliads require an environment of moderate temperature (60°F) where they can receive direct sunlight half of the day. Be sure not to overwater, as this plant will die if its roots are sitting in water for too long.

Container Details

The Reverse Taper makes the perfect tabletop or desk accent. Its sleek shape draws the eye up, making it a a great container for colorful or opulent plant life.

  • Graceful matte black finish
  • Belgium quality
  • 3.5″ High x 4.5″ Wide

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