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Plant Details

Sansevieria is THE plant you can forget about. Just don’t over-water it! One of the most popular houseplants and one of the best air purifiers, the sansevieria thrives in all types of conditions, from dimly lit spaces to offices that love to crank the AC. Impress the known plant killers among your family and friends with a plant they’ll be able to keep alive for years to come.

The roots of this plant are thick tubers that hold on to water for extended periods. It’s very sensitive to over-watering, so be sure to only water when the soil is dry.

Container Details

Cube and Saucer planters by Chive with a specialty matte finish. Form fitted catchment trays enhance the function the planters, providing drainage for the plants without sacrificing the sleekness of the cube structure.

2.5″l x 2.5″w x 3″h

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